Multiple people told me that they’ve had a dream about me this week. One said that I was driving on an empty road in a 1967 vette (strange right?), going where? Not sure.. then it apparently skipped a few scenes and there was a crash, I was the casualty. Another one said that I was flying to Istanbul on a rainy day. Apparently there was a thunderstorm out of the blue and plane blew into pieces (how the fuck you may ask? Not sure, but we’re talking about me. I’m sure my luck has rubbed off). I was the casualty again. Someone else said that they had a dream about me drowning in the Atlantic. Not sure how that could be happening as I’m a pretty damn good swimmer, but yeah, I was the casualty again. A friend called me at 3am one night and said that she had a dream about me that I had killed myself. She said that she saw me getting buried too. I was my own casualty this time, but a casualty again at last.

Funny how shit wraps around you and leaves you breathless. Four different and totally unrelated people had four different dreams about me dying this week. This is all while I have been waiting for my pathology results to come in, this week. None of these people knew about the pathology, or even the procedure. None. So how is it that all four dreamt about me dying, all in one week? All this week?

Funny. Just very funny. Maybe it’s time.

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