I watch the seasons pass by as I constantly wonder about the complications of love. Would distance ever matter, when love is the focus? Isn’t love in itself a form of freedom? A way of peace? Shouldn’t loving someone be healing, relieving, comforting? As much as love is all about the physicality of the parties involved, their scents, their passion, their sensuality and all that, I can’t help but to think that love doesn’t and shouldn’t fit in the time and space capacity. True love is blind. You accept that person for what they are, who they are, how they are, wherever they are. Right? I don’t know. Maybe not. Maybe nobody cares about what you go through; maybe they have their own pile of shit that they go through. Maybe after a while, they’ll stop caring about you and anything about you. Maybe they just continue with their lives. You may survive as a memory for a bit, but then you’ll fade away. Just like that. Do you feel like fading away? I feel faint. Light. Weightless, but with the heaviest weight on my eyes .. on my shoulders, in my heart. The weight of the world is on my being now. I am longing for something I can’t afford to have, as cliche as that sounds. But hey, what the fuck do I know about love. I suck.

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  1. Here’s another good cliche for you, true love never goes away. It will stick with you and him until your hearts stop beating…no matter how much you avoid it or try to let it fade, it will always be there.


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