It has been almost 9 months since she has been gone. I have been in absolute mental and physical pain since then. Every second of every day has been an agonizing pain, a misfortune of great foreshadowings to events that will yet to kill me over and over and over as I will be losing another being close to my heart and soul very soon again. Never mind, it won’t be just one person, it will be two beings. Two beings that I would’ve rather died right here and now in order to save them. I am not entirely sure if I can go through this again specially this soon. I’m saying i’m not sure because I have never been sure of being able to go through anything dramatically tragic in my life and looking back, I have been through a lifetime worth of dramatically tragic events in my life-but then again I have always proven myself wrong in every aspect of anything in my life. For all I know, I will probably survive this too. It will kill me for the thousandth time, but I will keep breathing. For whom? For what? I don’t know, but I know that will be it. No more after this, I will not survive the one after that.

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