You know what I want now? I want to be spooning in front of a fireplace.. With lots of alcohol,  less stress/worry and all the time in the world; in a cottage, somewhere in the middle of a snowstorm. Infinite kissing, making out.. Walking around the cottage naked.. Spitting out halfass words, hopes, and wishes while being somewhere between tipsy and drunk.. Dancing slowly to no song, but to the sound of our breaths and the beat of our hearts.. Not thinking of what could, should, and would happen tomorrow if nobody hears from us .. Getting intimate, having sex of the ages over and over and over.. Showering together, but then sleeping next to each other naked.. Skin to skin.. Missing the taste of each other’s tongues even though we are attached in any way humanly possible.. Sleeping peacefully, heart to heart, until, we are completely lost in that snowstorm. Gone…


But this shit only happens in the movies.

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